Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2013 new Honda Zoomer X

Tread very ferocious appearance as a form of courage Honda in experimenting. If previously only as a concept bike looks like a modified motorcycle unique and very brave. The combination of courage with gentleness scooter suitable for young people.

Zoomer-X create a unique lighting design is quite similar to the octagonal shape. While the meter console looks futuristic style minimalist approach, such as forming the letter "X".

As the genre of adventure sports scooter, Zoomer-X also uses the term type front fork upside down, complete with handlebar bar. While the wheels are equipped with 12-inch diameter alloy wheels.

In terms of specification, is supported by a unique bike up side down on the front foot looking mighty menjadikanya. For the business of motorcycle tires which this one uses tubeless tires measuring 100/90 at the front and rear tire size 110/90-12 with 12 inch rims on both legs.
Zoomer-X has a capacity of 110 cc or 125 cc with injection technology. Motor with a choice of 3 colors [black, white, and yellow] applying 3-Pots Combined Brake System Hydraulic braking system motor.

Review Honda Zoomer-X
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Specifications Honda Zoomer X

  •  Up side down on the front foot
  • 12 inch Rims
  • Thick tubeless tires size 100/90-12 front
  • Thick tubeless tires size 110/90-12 rear
  • 3-Pots Hydraulic Combined Brake System
  • Black, yellow and white
  • SOHC engine
  • 110 cc
  • PGM-FI
  • V-Matic Transmission
  • 53 km / liter
  • 4 stroke single cylinder engine of 110 cc Honda PGM Fi CVT transmission (V-Matic)
  • Size Bore x stroke 50 x 55
  • LxPxT Dimension = 763 mm x 1831 x 1065
  • Seat height 763 mm
  • 100/90/12 front tires and 110/90/12 rear tires
  • Upside down front suspension fork
  • Fuel consumption (Standard ECE-40): 53 km / liter